My digital garden with Obsidian-Jekyll Workflow

Welcome to Jong Hoon’s digital garden

What do I want from this?

  • Following the Zettelkasten philosophy, this site will be used to record my learning history, stacking my own ideas, connecting different notes together, visualizing my thought-graph, and finally publish well-refined articles to my blog.

Below is the original from Max’s github for digital gardening newbies. You can build your own digiatal garden by following Max’s tutorial. Max wrote a tutorial explaining how to set it up: Setting up your own digital garden with Jekyll

Preview the template here:

  • Based on Jekyll, a static website generator
  • Supports Roam-style double bracket link syntax to other notes
  • Creates backlinks to other notes automatically
  • Features link previews on hover
  • Includes graph visualization of the notes and their links
  • Features a simple and responsive design
  • Supports Markdown or HTML notes

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 23 05 46



Source code is available under the MIT license.